• Carrollton High School<p>Dayton, Ohio

    Carrollton High School

    Dayton, Ohio

    Kabil Associates provided Structural Engineering and Design services for this $50 million high school located in Northeast Ohio. The school was designed to accommodate all the needs of the students and community. These needs included a flexible gymnasium and sports area, flex classroom spaces that can be opened for group lessons, a specialized media center and cafeteria, a performing arts center with full theatrical space, stage, and orchestral pit, and specialized portals for firewalls and area of separation. Our scope of work also included creating a way that would allow for the building to accommodate the future addition of an elementary school and CA phase services.
  • Karl Road Library<p>Columbus, Ohio

    Karl Road Library

    Columbus, Ohio

    The Karl Road Branch Library, part of the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) system, featured a new 40,000 square foot building replacing the existing library. The bold design delivered a streamlined building with updated and open spaces. Kabil Associates provided Civil and Structural Engineering Services for this $19 million dollar project. The new building is located closer to Karl Road and utilizes glass paneling to encourage passersby to stop in. Project highlights included razing the existing building and transforming the area into new parking with an emphasis on traffic flow for book dropoff, child pickup, and safe parking. The two-story steel building included large open spaces and a two-story atrium. Along with Structural and Civil Design Services, Kabil provided cost estimating, POR coordination, owner and team review meetings, and construction administration.
  • Final Dewatering Process Building<p>Washington D.C.

    Final Dewatering Process Building

    Washington D.C.

    The new Final Dewatering Process Building, located inside the District of Columbia’s Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant, cost $45 Million to build. The plant is the largest of its kind in the world and treats up to 300 million gallons of wastewater a day. The scope involved Structural Design of a new six-story building and modifications to the adjacent existing buildings (while fully operational) and challenging new construction requirements. Kabil Associates provided Structural Engineering services for this project. The highlights of the project include:

    • 30 feet deep excavation of new building – 8 ft from existing – specialized shoring and new foundation construction.

    • Approximately 6 story building with very high open spaces for equipment.

    • Approximately 235ft x 114ft building footprint, with large spans and high bays between floors.

    • Design incorporated: Partial Displacement Pile (foundation), Reinforced Concrete mats, slabs, columns, beams, Double T precast walls, Steel Braced Frames, Hollow Core Precast Decking, Long Span Steel Girders (114ft span).

    • Crane at the perimeter for equipment moment throughout the building area.

    • Coordination with multiple disciplines including pump, piping and process designers, chemical containment, conveyor, and press suppliers.

    • Multi-level Mezzanines requiring special loading and coordination with processes.

    • Designed to support heavy/vibratory machine loads through coordination and for additional loads as required to provide the owner with the ability to update processes in the future.

    • The structural design and calculation were reviewed by three different entities of qualified engineers.

    • CA phase services and resolution of construction conflicts and errors.

  • The Schottenstein Center<p>Columbus, Ohio

    The Schottenstein Center

    Columbus, Ohio

    The $31 million Schottenstein Center addition included a north entrance, plaza, multi-use path, and bus drop-off relocations. Kabil Associates performed Structural and Civil Engineering.

    The Structural Engineering provided by our firm included analyzing portions of the existing stadium structure, partial demolition of the existing framing, floor to roof glass storefront, office, and stadium egress.

    The Civil Engineering provided included designing vehicular and foot traffic rerouting for event surges, rerouting the bus drop-off loop, traffic maintenance, pedestrian walks, rerouting of the site and building utilities.

  • The Palace Theatre<p>Columbus, Ohio

    The Palace Theatre

    Columbus, Ohio

    Kabil Associates was the Structural Engineer of Record for the historic Palace Theatre in downtown Columbus that was originally built in 1926. The $6.5 million renovation included aesthetic and performing upgrades to the auditorium, mezzanine, and included building envelope improvements. Kabil Associates provided facility investigations of the auditorium floor framing, the fly spaces, mechanical spaces, and the roof and attic areas to verify existing framing and capacities to accommodate architectural and mechanical updates along with cost estimates and construction administration. Project highlights included providing a large wall-to-wall scaffolding system to allow access to the domed ceilings 60 feet above the auditorium.
  • Long Street Parking Garage<p>Columbus, Ohio

    Long Street Parking Garage

    Columbus, Ohio

    Project Structural Engineer for the renovation of the Long Street Parking Garage. The existing structure had been abandoned with little to no maintenance. The reinforced concrete decks had many locations of deterioration, spalling, and corroded reinforcing. Kabil provided an extensive evaluation of the framing and provided a cost-effective solution for repair utilizing removal of deteriorated concrete, additional slab reinforcing, and a polymer-modified concrete specifically developed for this type of repair. Additional strengthening at the building perimeter was required and support of a new glass curtainwall was needed. A vehicular barrier system of tension cables was also designed and installed.

    The full scope for this project included masonry restoration, reinforces slap repair (on top and overhead), floor infill ranging from 6-10 feet, structural reinforcement of the elevated slab, full-height curtainwall support, and concrete crack repair.

  • Hargus Lake Intake Renovation<p>ODNR

    Hargus Lake Intake Renovation


    The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) requested that Kabil Associates perform a site visit and evaluate the subject structure. The primary concern was deterioration and structural adequacy of the intake structure, safe location of access stairs, and improvements of overall condition.

    Our team of Structural Engineers visited the site, performed a preliminary analysis, and determined that the appropriate scope of work was to perform a detailed investigation, propose solutions, and statements of probable cost.

    The optimum solution was to partially replace and structurally repair the remaining deteriorated concrete. The report was submitted to ODNR. Kabil Associates prepared detailed construction drawings and provided bid documents to ODNR. Field evaluation of work performed was executed by Kabil Associates as well. On completion of the construction phase, a few cracks were observed, and further testing and review was undertaken and it was concluded that the cracks are minor and the structural strength is intact.

    There were significant challenges to the execution of the work due to structure being submerged. The design and execution demonstrated a clear understanding of the specific needs for this project, such as the submerged structure, and taking account for other environmental exposures of structures.

  • Hilltop Library<p>Columbus, Ohio

    Hilltop Library

    Columbus, Ohio

    The Hilltop Branch Library, Part of the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) system, featured an addition and renovation to the existing library. The renovation increased the library to 32,000 square feet and the design delivered an updated aesthetic utilizing open spaces and a new contemporary look. Kabil Associates provided Civil and Structural Engineering services for this project. The expansion and renovation had a project cost of $11.5 million. Project highlights included large open spaces, angled steel columns along the perimeter of the new addition built in and between large glass curtain walls to maximize natural light, newly upgraded parking with a reconfigured site entrance and traffic flow, and a 27” diameter storm pipe that had previously cut through the site was relocated. Kabil Associates was part of multiple owner reviews and discussions to help facilitate a cost-effective project that fit the growing needs of the community and meeting CML’s building program.
  • Lincoln Theatre<p>Columbus, Ohio

    Lincoln Theatre

    Columbus, Ohio

    Renovation of the historic Lincoln Theatre building, as well as an addition, new utilities, parking, grading, drainage and sewer relocation. Kabil Associates designed new alley paving, curbs, walks, and right-of-way improvements. All these improvements required approval from both the City and the Ohio EPA. The renovation also included the repair and restoration of exterior masonry and the removal of the chimney and unstable walls. The scope included detailed assessment and repair of brick masonry and masonry walls.

    Kabil Associates won Heritage Ohio's "Best Public Improvement" award for 2010.

  • Holiday Inn Express Renovations<p>Heath, Ohio

    Holiday Inn Express Renovations

    Heath, Ohio

  • Coventry High School<p>Akron, Ohio

    Coventry High School

    Akron, Ohio

    Kabil Associates performed structural design and engineering for a new high school to house 734 students in grades 9-12. The building is approximately 118,497 square feet and was designed in accordance with the Ohio School Design Manual. The new building is built on the existing 11-acre Erwine Middle School site. We were tasked with arriving at the most cost-effective structural solution to incorporate the design intent and facilitate timely completion of construction, reviewing cost estimates and schedules, design of DD & CD documents, construction observation as applicable, working with poor soil conditions, a large span (up to 84’) of beams to carry heavy loads of two stories and the roof loads, and field resolution of construction issues.
  • Greek Housing<p>Bowling Green State University

    Greek Housing

    Bowling Green State University

    The Greek Housing Replacement for Bowling Green State University consisted of relacing more than 30 Greek chapter houses. This $30 million project included a complex of various sized townhomes that were constructed to house eight (8) to 18 beds for a total of 412 beds. Kabil Associates incorporated master planning principles with Structural Design and was also involved in the design of civic spaces, site amenities, interstitial spaces, and exterior/interior transitions.

    The highlights of this project included working with bedrock foundations that varied across the site between deep and shallow, cost-effective framing solutions utilizing standard 2x framing, level framing, and we were required to provide the client with the spaces that were needed to fulfill the campus’ needs.

  • North Redistricting Project<p>The Ohio State University

    North Redistricting Project

    The Ohio State University

    Kabil Associates was one of the structural firms to be part of the design team for the North Residential District Transformation at The Ohio State University (OSU). This project was a $370 million undertaking. Kabil Associates provided services for a new market/dining and event center (Curl Hall), the North Recreation Center as well as renovations to Drackett Tower, Jones Tower, and Taylor tower. Overall, this project provided OSU with a new, vibrant neighborhood of over 6,000 student residents.

    Project Highlights:

    • Cost effective framing, using steel, composite deck, open web steel joists, and shear walls.

    • Large open spaces for event, dining and recreational use.

    • Large windows, glass curtain walls for natural light

    • Conform to Ohio State building standards and all authorities having jurisdiction

    • The North Recreation Center is a 4-story building which features double story open spaces.

    • Curl Hall is a 4-story building with an open floor concept on the 2nd floor to feature an event center.

    • The tower renovations required analysis of existing framing to provide new openings in walls and floors, new vestibules and entrances, and become more ADA accessible. Renovations also included removal, salvage, and reinstallation of the original granite and limestone panels featured around the buildings.

  • Martin Luther King Library<p>Columbus, Ohio

    Martin Luther King Library

    Columbus, Ohio

    The new, iconic library building was designed to reflect the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK). The contemporary building in urban resting was designed to fulfil the programmatic need which represents “Dream” of MLK. Kabil Associates provided Structural Engineering services for this project. The highlights and challenges for this project included multiple cantilevered structural elements, large overhangs, a unique exterior façade that required a special support system, challenging geometry of the exterior and roof shapes, and limited space for laydown and construction.
  • Crown City Salt Barn<p>ODOT

    Crown City Salt Barn


    Kabil Associates provided Structural and Civil Design Services for the design of a new salt storage building. This building had to meet the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) facility guidelines. Kabil Associates served as the Project Manager and Construction Administration Manager.

    The highlights of this project included tight sight located near the Ohio River, stormwater management, grading for site core walls, heavy-duty slates design rated for H520 and over 1,000 tons of salt storage, as well as large cantilevered concrete walls that were made to support salt storage.

  • Dublin Dental<p>Dublin, Ohio

    Dublin Dental

    Dublin, Ohio

    Kabil Associates provided Site and Structural Engineering services and Building Design services for a new 13,000 square foot specialized Dental and Medical Building. The dental office 8,500 square feet and was custom designed for their needs. The remaining structure provided for future tenant space. Some key challenges of the project were: variance application for zoning, redesigning of the storm management system (originally designed in 1995, the city requested it be altered), intricate wood framed building with high bay areas, complex roof structures with towers, challenging site with narrow frontage and deep lot, and multilevel approvals required from various city agencies.
  • Wyandot County Courthouse<p>Upper Sandusky, Ohio

    Wyandot County Courthouse

    Upper Sandusky, Ohio

    The project scope included exterior renovation and restoration to the 1895 Wyandot County Courthouse. The courthouse required repairs to stone cladding and parapets, masonry and roof framing, and restoring and stabilizing the tower framing. Restoration to the delicate and historic decorative stone capitals and other pieces required cost-effective solutions.

    An extensive structural assessment of the building cladding was provided, including core sampling and non-destructive testing.

  • St. Mary's Church<p>Columbus, Ohio

    St. Mary's Church

    Columbus, Ohio

    This iconic historical church, located in German Village, was built in 1868. It is the tallest structure in German Village and is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The roof framing utilizes heavy timber scissor trusses. The thrust imposed from these trusses had, over many decades, caused partial displacement and damaged and/or weakened the masonry bearing walls. This deterioration and bowing of the walls allowed sagging of the trusses, which caused further issues with the existing slate roof.

    Kabil Associates provided a solution to stabilize the trusses in place and allowed the parish to maintain the historic ambiance of the ceiling. The masonry buttresses were stabilized by inserting a steel WT column that was cut in two and inset into the buttress to preserve the historical aesthetics.

  • Don Scott Airport<p>The Ohio State University

    Don Scott Airport

    The Ohio State University

    The Ohio State University’s Austin E. Knowlton Executive Terminal & Aviation Learning Center (formerly the Don Scott Airport) is a facility in which there is a dedicated flight education wing with classrooms that have a view of the airfield, testing facilities, and flight simulators. This facility, along with the new hangers and administration building were included in the project’s scope. Kabil Associates provided Structural Engineering for these facilities. Some of the unique features of this project included: • Pre-engineered system for the hanger building with specialized footing and slab on grade

    • Administrative building and training center for airport functions adjacent to the runway

    • Display of historic airplane

    • Unique shape, size, and façade of the building

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